A CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow lookalike was attacked in broad daylight after an argument broke out over his vintage 'trike' vehicle. 

Andy Macdonald, 48, who also goes by Andy Depp was attacked by two men desrcibed as being around aged 40 and 60 who approached his parked three wheeler motorcycle and began touching it. 

Andy who had just returned from a charity shop on Portland Street on Saturday afternoon asked the two men not to touch his trike, before one of the men became aggressive and threatened him. 

The attacker then threw the dad of three to the ground. 

Andy told the Advertiser: "I had come out a charity shop. I was only there for two minutes.

"I was walking back down to go to another shop.

"The older of the two men had his hands on the bike, he was moving the handle bars about. 

"So I asked politely, could you please not just touch the trike, you can take photos, admire it, that's fine. Just please don't touch it." 

"As soon as I said that he flipped. It was like some sort of switch. He started shouting at me." 

"I took my phone out my pocket and he took it off me, pulled me on the ground and started leathering into me."

The attack was witnessed by two young children who were in a black parked car next to Andy's trike. 

Police are hunting the two attackers who were both stocky build and around 6ft with one of the men wearing a khaki body warmer and red shorts. 

Police Sergeant Dean Barlas, Locality policing Sergeant, said “We are currently making enquiries into this report and are seeking the assistance of the public in identifying the two men involved.

“The incident happened on Saturday afternoon so it is likely that the street was busy with other residents and visitors and I would ask that anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information that can help us should contact us."

Anyone with information can pass this to officers by calling 101 and quoting incident number 3060 of the 28th of September 2019. Alternatively you can contact the independent charity Crime stoppers on 0800 555 111 where anonymity can be maintained.