A SOUTH Ayrshire farm has launched a bid to protect one of the UK’s most popular ‘offline’ spaces from the introduction of mobile phone network coverage.

The owners of Creeside Farm, near the Galloway Forest Park, are urging authorities to prevent the introduction of 3G, 4G and 5G internet reception.

Sarah Redman, of the farm, is working in partnership with Shackleton Whisky on the proposal, which will be the first time a space has received protection to preserve its ‘offline’ status.

The unique move comes as research revealed that 56 per cent of Brits struggle to switch off from technology.

A growing number of people are seeking ways to have a digital detox to help escape distractions.

The average daily use of a mobile device is one hour and 26 minutes.

Sarah Redman said: “Everyone who stays at our Shepherd’s Hut actually want to get away from their phones.

“The fact we don’t have Wi-Fi or reliable signal at our Shepherd’s Hut B&B is a big selling point.

“South Ayrshire Council has just published a consultation document on planning policy for the area.

“We have responded asking that they consider introducing policy to create or protect a blackspot on the land owned by Creeside Farm.

“We’re not looking to hold up improvements in connectivity across the region especially in communities where signal is poor.

“But it’s important to consider what wider impact it might have on some of our much-loved off-grid spots.”