AYR’S former MP has revealed what it’s like living with ‘death threats’ and the horror online trolls.

Corri Wilson has spoken out about her experience as a woman in modern politics and how internet bullies mock her appearance.

The SNP member says her family have been left fearing for her life as ‘keyboard gangsters’ regularly threaten her.

But Corri has vowed not to let nasty social media yobs stop her from standing to represent Ayr constituents again.

She said: “In 2015/16 it was a really new experience and that wasn’t something I was expecting to get but very quickly it became a normal daily occurrence.

“It’s just that constant drip feed of negativity and insults and [watching trolls] tagging each other with lies.

“To be honest after not getting re-elected I put that to the back of my mind and then of course the minute I said I was putting my name forward it was like opening Pandora’s box and it just all started again.

“All politicians to some extent get death threats, and all that horrible stuff, but for the woman side of things it is about what you wear and how you look and the sexually derogatory remarks .

“People would talk about your looks, they would always go on about my teeth and put up pictures of cartoon characters and portrayed that as looking like me.

“Some of the sexually derogatory marks were absolutely disgusting but all you can do is report these people.

“I think sometimes it did yeah [get to me] I think what was harder to be honest was for family members.

“Particularly the death threats [would hurt them].

“Imagine someone threatens the life of one of your loved ones, that was horrible for me.

“During my term we saw the Jo Cox murder so it is a real concern.

“This kind of hostile environment feeds into each other and it becomes normalised.

“I’m absolutely worried other women will be put off, other women might see that [abuse] and think oh I’m not putting my head above the parapet.

“Democracy only works if it is representative across the population.

“We need more diversity in politics and we need to get away from this hostile environment that has been created.

“As a female I will not be bullied and threatened out of the fact I want to stand and represent people because we do need more females in politics.”