A CAMPAIGN to reunite a former Ayr choir has succeeded with over 40 members up for getting together again.

Kirsty Duncan, 33, is paying tribute to her late grandad, Sam Duncan, by organising a bash of all his former choir members.

Sam died tragically in 1974 whilst conducting his choir at the BBC studios in Glasgow. He gained huge success with his cherished Beresford Girls Choir before his sudden passing and was a big loss to the community.

Ayr Advertiser:

Since the Ayr Advertiser’s appeal earlier this year, over 20 new members have been in touch with Kirsty to reunite with old singing chums. Over another 20 were already traced online through Facebook and online appeals.

Now, with the reunion event looking to take place in November, Kirsty is calling for one last push to reach out to former choir members were part of her Grandad’s group and get in touch to be part of the special occasion.

Kirsty told the Ayr Advertiser: “ I never knew him. I was born 11 years after he died. I am interested in finding out more about him and the choir. I work as a professional singer and both my dad and I have led choirs too.

“My main thing is to try and get as many people there as possible. People who went to school between 1954 and 1974 are most likely still alive but may be online so hopefully they can come to the reunion.”

Sam’s memorable work of leading the choir spanned over 20 years with success in national competitions and tours overseas.

Kirsty is in talks to book the reunion event for November 20 where old choir members can join for afternoon tea and share memories of Sam and the Beresford Girls Choir.

Ayr Advertiser:

Tributes to Sam have already been sent Kirsty’s way with singers telling how he made a great impact on their lives.

Carolyn O’Hara sang in Sam’s choir. She said: “I was present at the BBC in Glasgow the night he died. He made a huge impact on my life and love of choral music.”

Fiona Auld added: “Many happy hours spent singing with him in charge.”

Fiona Harris thanked Kirsty for efforts in reuniting everyone: “Wonderful memories; thank you Kirsty. Your grandfather was a very special man and, as Carolyn said, had a huge impact on many young lives.”

Looking forward to the event, Kirsty said: “I’d just like people to share memories of their time in his choir as it was a massive part of our family’s life.”

If you sang in Sam Duncan’s choir, or know someone that did. you can contact Kirsty by phone on: 07912 360704 or email: info@kirstyduncan.co.uk.