A PRESTWICK resident feels the area is nothing more than a drinking town, and the lack of police presence is only going to fuel more trouble.

Concerned Cameron McCririe, 21, says the lack of cops on the streets leads to more crime and fears his hometown is becoming more and more unsafe.

Prestwick Police Station was recently demolished after years lying empty ,leaving the nearest responders in Ayr. This means help won’t arrive for at least 10-15 minutes if there is an incident and yobs can easily flee the scene before police get there, says Cameron.

Meanwhile, as concerns grow in the area, Prestwick has also been shortlisted for a Great British High Street Award - something that has been ridiculed by worried locals.

Cameron told the Ayr Advertiser: “It does deserve an award as Prestwick is really taking off right now, but it has problems as well.

“They say that there is CCTV and more of it, but I feel it’s not working effectively. People can put hoodies up without police knowing who they are and it doesn’t stop anything.

“Police don’t arrive until later, people are always away by then. And after the police station in Prestwick closing, there’s no police in Prestwick now, they’re all in Ayr.

“When I was younger and we would see police around quite frequently, but now not so much. I used to see them patrolling the streets but now when I see them it’s the odd car passing by, maybe.”

Prestwick has succeeded in nightlife over the years with a variety of different pubs in the area. It’s became the destination of choice for going out, and perhaps the reason its High Street is highly thought of from afar. But those closer to home think that makes it a victim of its own success.

Cameron added: “Me and my friends would rather go out in Prestwick than Ayr. There’s hardly anywhere to go in Ayr. Prestwick has always had more pubs and more happening.

“But it’s becoming more problematic. It’s now just a drinking town, and with more drink, comes more crime. Prestwick is growing as a drinking town and there should be more police to control it.

“Trouble happens outside pubs and places like that. I know it’s a growing thing, and crime is getting bigger. Also, people can’t drink at all now if they’re driving so if people go out they’re going to drink more and get taxis.

“The police presence is going down which doesn’t help as at night time a lot of people go to Prestwick, and even when the Ayr races are on, people still go to Prestwick after.

“It would be better if more officers were patrolling in hi-vis jackets, knowing that if something happens you know where to go and people feel safer.”