A MUM and daughter’s dream holiday was shattered a week before they were due to fly out when travel giants Thomas Cook collapsed.

Leeann Stevenson, 41, suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and was looking forward to relaxing in Marmaris, Turkey this week and unwinding which helps her condition massively.

It was also the first mother and daughter trip booked for her and daughter Casey, 12.

Casey has been left in tears as the devastating news triggered her anxiety.

The pair have been left stressing with what to do next now Thomas Cook has went bust and their holiday is no more.

Leeann is gutted not to be getting the respite she needs to help with her MS. She is used to headaches and pain in her legs and eyes, saying her holiday would have really helped her condition.

Leeann told the Ayr Advertiser: “I was definitely needing a holiday because of my MS which isn’t very nice. Every day life and stresses make it worse so I was really just looking forward to a stress-free week.

“A lot of stress brings on my symptoms a bit more so obviously this whole situation doesn’t help either. I’ve been having bother with my legs and tiredness, pain behind my eyes and headaches.

“Holidays definitely help my MS and I always find somewhere that does massages and Turkish ones are meant to be the best ever so I’m just disappointed.

“It’s just the inconvenience of it all and how nobody informed us or anything, not even an email.”

Leeann had already exchanged her travel money for going away but luckily she managed to get a full refund. However, she doesn’t know when she’ll be refunded for her holiday that she’s been paying off for over a year.

Leeann added: “I booked it last May and I’ve been paying a monthly direct debit since then, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford a holiday. Whenever I do get the money back I’ll just be booking to go away next year. But for now, nothing’s changed, it’ll just be a normal week now.

“It’s my daughter I feel for. She’s been really down and the other day she burst out crying asking why does bad luck always follow us.

“She suggested we go to Craig Tara next weekend to get away for a bit so we’ll just spend a bit of time together in the caravan instead.”