A DEVASTATED family are appealing for information on their missing puppy who has been missing for over seven weeks.

Mum of two, Mary Speirs, says her children think Santa has taken their dog, bought as a Christmas present, back to the North Pole, and doesn’t know what to tell them.

Mary told the Advertiser the disappearance of their puppy, Casha, has caused heartbreak in her family: “It happened seven weeks ago, we stay just outside Dalrymple on a farm. She was bought for the kids, our youngest is only five and they were never separated. He’s absolutely heartbroken.

“Casha’s only 11 months old so she’s still a puppy.

“We have three children aged 14, 12, and five and they were all out looking with neighbours searching everywhere round the village, in farms and everywhere round about. But there’s not even been one sighting of her.

“We’ve even been searching ditches and things like that, that’s the point it’s gotten to now, looking in local woods. We’ve had friends coming up to help with their dogs but there’s not been one single trace of her.

“I thought my partner had taken her down the beach but she wasn’t there.”

The distraught family are now thinking the worst and suggest someone might have even stolen Casha, after seeing their other dog alone and limping in the garden after she went missing. Mary thinks there may have been a struggle which caused this.

She added: “Our other dog, Biscuit, who’s a wee terrier, was in the garden herself and was limping when we went out to her. It’s all very strange, she seemed injured and hurt her leg but was fine the next day.

“We tried reporting it to the police but they couldn’t even make a crime report because everything was all circumstantial they said. There was no evidence, no witnesses, nothing. It could be anything.”

Mary made a plea on Facebook recently, begging for her pup to be returned. It read: “I don’t want to have to spend the next 10 years trawling looking for clues about where my baby is. Please help find her. Whoever has her please just return her, no questions asked, hand her into a vets anywhere, please.”

Casha has been missing since Tuesday, August 6 and believed to be sometime that morning in Dalrymple. Mary said: “She’s the biggest cuddliest puppy in the whole world, she would have barked at people or a car coming in, but we don’t know what’s happened. If someone has taken her please bring her home.

“Our youngest son, Harris, is only five and he asked ‘Is it because I was bad? Has Santa came and took him away?’ because Santa brought her at Christmas. It’s heartbreaking, he doesn’t understand and I don’t know what to tell him.”

If you can assist Mary and her family in any way please contact her on: 07464598089 and help bring Casha home.