AN ELDERLY woman feels unsafe after poor lighting has plunged her street into darkness.

Mary Ingram,73, of Girvan is worried ahead of darker nights coming in and has not been able to see outside of her home after the issue first arose in May.

Now she has rallied neighbours together over fears her street could become a “haven” for criminals.

Mary told the Advertiser: “In the area we have had people trying doors and garden ornaments have been stolen. The woman next door had her Buddha stolen from her garden.

“There are lights both ends of the footpath but they are pointing the other way. We need one extra light or the old light back up.

“I’m afraid to go out the house because it’s pitch black out there.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen someone is going to get hurt or mugged and until something happens they are not going to bother.

“Back in May the street lighting wasn’t working so Ayrshire Roads Alliance came out and repaired it. They were going round the scheme and doing LED lighting.

“This has been going on for five months trying to get something done. They came out to see it during the day, they should come out and see it at night.”

Mary’s daughter Donna was left frustrated after they were promised new lights would be erected over a month ago.

Donna said: “When nothing was being done I got in touch with Councillor Peter Henderson who assured me the matter was in hand and told me the order for new lights was going through and it would take a couple of weeks to be sorted, that was five weeks ago.”

Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA) have assured residents that new lights will be put in place at Elder Avenue in the “near future,” after engineers had carried out an investigation into the issue.

A spokesperson for ARA told the Advertiser: “Ayrshire Roads Alliance carried out a review of the street lighting in the vicinity of Mrs Ingram’s home.

“While the area was generally lit to an acceptable level, the review concluded that it would be improved by the installation of lanterns with a different spread of light.

“The new lanterns are set to be installed in the near future.”