A MAN was seen taking a hilarious tumble outside an Ayr home last week.

He was spotted by a nearby driver who figured he must have been 'drunk' while he filmed him stumbling along Low Road in Ayr, near the Whitletts Roundabout.

The man is seen walking along a footpath before turning towards the entrance to flats.

But he appears to misjudge the way in as he plumets straight over a wall head first.

Ayr Advertiser: The wall outside the building is positioned low where he trippedThe wall outside the building is positioned low where he tripped

The funny footage ends with only the man's feet showing, by which point he's upside down, before disappearing out of sight.

Ayr Advertiser:

Amused locals chuckled at the toppled man's misfortune.

One neighbour said: "Raging I missed this I was in the house as well."

Another added: "Crazy but so funny wish I was in."

One resident said: "This sums up Ayr", while another agreed saying: "Only in Ayr!"

Some commented on the man's impressive dive with one local commenting: "A wish ad seen that a would have given him at least six points for that".