A FASCINATING insight into the history of the CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) movement was given at a popular exhibition.

Scottish CND staged the successful event in Troon Library and there was a steady flow of people throughout the day. It recalled marches and campaigns against nuclear weapons during the past six decades.

Financial support for the event came from the Big Lottery Fund.

Scottish CND chairman and Irvine-based Ayrshire Branch Secretary Arthur West said: “The exhibition was well supported and we met some people who have been involved in our campaigns over the years.”

Ayrshire Branch member Michael Connelly (pictured right) added: “Seven countries in the world still have nuclear weapons and we want to get rid of them.

“The fact you have got them makes you a target. There are 220 warheads in the Trident system and one warhead is equivalent to what was used in Hiroshima. It’s good our group is still here 60 years on.”