AN AYR Councillor who wants to see the Low Green transformed is asking council chiefs not to “sideline” current kiosk owners in discussions of their ambitious plans.

Cllr Martin Dowey, is hoping to see a modern establishment like a Costa coffee, or a new restaurant on the “sacred” common good ground next to Ayr’s shore front.

Last week it was revealed that council bosses were considering plans to transform the open space by developing plans for “alternative facilities” at the open space.

Cllr Dowey believes it’s all about tourists visiting and spending their money in Ayr, something he thinks has been lacking at the Low Green.

The Tory councillor for Ayr West has spoken with interested parties who would be keen to get a slice of the action.

He told the Advertiser: “The Conservatives have been calling out for the last two years that we need a re-think about what we have down there.

“We want to retain the Low Green, keep using it for activities, plus putting somewhere like a Costa coffee, just to add something a bit different.

“The council would need to build premises for a long term lease. Our plans wouldn’t be to chase the current kiosk holders away, but we need to sort the Low Green out.”

“There’s people who have ran these kiosks for years, they’ve got to be involved in this they can’t be sidelined, they’ve must be part of the vision for down there what we need.

“People come down they go to the Low Green and they bring their picnics, but they don’t spend any of their money in Ayr.

“That’s why we need more attractions at the Low Green and more facilities for them down there.”