Two Ayr businesses have made a pledge to keep Ayr beach clean.

Unity Grill and Crunch Salad Bar have signed up to environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful’s campaign which is running for the second year this summer.

The My Beach, Your Beach drive aims to keep Ayr beach clean and raise awareness of pollution.

And both businesses have promised to carry on that message and take steps to minimise their own impact on the local environment.

Owner at Unity Grill, Angela Iver feels very strongly about supporting the campaign.

She said: “We work and live so close to the most stunning sandy beach so it’s easy for plastic to be blown from the street straight to the sea.

We feel very strongly about not only protecting the beauty but also the life that depends on the sea for survival. We appreciate

the current climate crisis and do what we can to negate our impact.”

Businesses have been re being asked to commit to three or more pledges. In return they will receive a supporter pack containing window stickers, posters and campaign materials.

Councillor Siobhian Brown hopes the campaign is a small step towards positive change.

She said: “There needs to be a change of littering culture mentality and we need to encourage a sense of civic pride in our area. Little steps can make a big impression on the appearance of our town and I am delighted that local businesses are signing up to Keep Scotland Beautiful’s pledge and taking responsibility for cleanliness of their area.

Aoife Hutton, Project Officer

at Keep Scotland Beautiful, added:“The My Beach, Your Beach campaign has managed to engage hundreds of people and deliver significant environmental improvements. It is great

that these two businesses have managed to get on board. We hope that many more will sign up and help the campaign to reach new levels - improving Ayr Beach for visitors and local residents alike.”