A TEAM of volunteers have revealed how flip flips, lollipops and listening can help vulnerable weekend revellers.

Ayr Street pastors go out every Saturday night in Prestwick and Ayr to make sure boozed up punters get home safely or avoid trouble.

The team have assisted a host of people who have come on hard times when out enjoying their weekend with some turning their life around after speaking with the pastors.

In 2018 the pastors spent 747 hours walking the streets of South Ayrshire, they handed out 44 bottles of water, 34 lollipops, 275 pairs of flip-flops and cleared 45 lots of broken glass.

Richard Wiggis has been giving up his Saturday night to help people since 2015.

Now as the Ayr Gold cup and Halloween, the busiest night for the pastors approaches, Richard and the team are well prepared.

He told the Advertiser: “We are all members of the local churches, we go out on a Saturday night to help people enjoy themselves, keep them safe and get home in one piece.

“We are well known for giving out flip-flops. Lady’s shoes can be challenging after a few drinks, and when they leave Fury’s.

“We also have lollipops that we can give out, it can shut people up.”

“You get people that have a bit of drink and it’s the alcohol that’s causing it, so if you give them lollipop, they won’t be able to say something they might regret.”

“Some people go out on a Saturday night and it can be a very lonely place. We treat everyone if they are drunk, sober or whatever is going on.

“If they want someone to assist them we’ll be there.”