ANGER has been voiced about a fleet of bins being re-located near Troon Cross, with furious community councillors calling them “horrendous” and an eye sore.

They were moved recently from outside the Jade Dragon Chinese restaurant and further up Templehill towards the Cross

Community Councillor Frances Carson said: “The first thing you notice is these horrible big bins. Why can’t we have a better solution, they’re right in the middle of the town centre, you can clearly see it’s a mess. You’re doing the best you can but it’s not good. These things are an eyesore.”

Kevin Doyle, owner of Bruach Property in Templehill said: “We’re not happy with where they are. There was no consultation with businesses beforehand. The area must be as clear as possible for health and safety and visually impaired and disabled access. Stanchions are surrounding bins as if you’re visually impaired and walking with a stick you could easily hit that and trip. If you are visually impaired and not walking with a stick, you could still hit it.

“The Council took away a holding bench which was in front of our shop for three-and-a-half years without consultation. The bench was moved outside the parking area for taxis and that backs directly on to the pavement and increases the health and safety risk for people there. When I passed tonight one of the bins was overflowing.”

Community Councillor Erica Williamson added “Did the authorities not think to ask the people of Troon what they thought of having these monstrosities in the middle of our town? We are trying to upgrade Troon but I’ve yet to hear one person saying anything positive about the bins.” A council official said the bins were being screened with flowers but would find out if there was alternative land where they could be sited.