MYSTERIOUS raw sewage has ruined a couple’s decking after it flooded into their garden and left a foul smell.

Scott Munro, from Troon, has told how the stench was so bad that his wife ended up ill as hot weather conditions led to the stagnant waste rotting the underside of their garden furniture.

It took a week until Scott discovered the source of the problem when he took apart his decking to reveal greasy water underneath.

The joiner, who built the decking himself was shocked to find the sewage had begun to rot the wooden foundations.

Scott told the Advertiser: “It got that bad the smell was coming in the house, it was horrendous, my wife was off work for a while , it made her ill, she was throwing up because of it.”

Scottish Water carried out an investigation to find the issue had come from a blocked drain underneath the decking.

Scott added: “The sewage was right up to the underside of it so the whole thing is just knackered.”

Scott claims the neighbouring Anchorage Hotel are to blame and he wants the hotel to pay £280 to replace the decking.

But the owners at the hotel have strongly refuted this after they carried out their own inspection of their drains.

Hotel boss Jennifer Watson said: “The only people who indicate that we were potentially at fault are the Munros.

“Scottish Water came out, they sent several engineers out and none of the engineers intimated that we were at fault in any fashion. “If Scottish Water found we were doing anything irresponsible as a business then they would have been right on our tail and would be duty bound to charge for damaging the environment.

“We have done our due diligence, checked all of our drains. we have tried our best.

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “We are aware of a resident who has an issue with waste water spilling into his garden. Scottish Water operatives attended the address on August 8, cleared a blockage in the sewer and carried out a clean-up.

“Investigations are ongoing to establish the cause of this issue.”