A DAMNING structural report has found close to 1000  defects in the crumbling Station Hotel in Ayr

Collapsed ceilings on multiple floors, rat and pigeon droppings on surfaces  and missing window panes are just some of the  hundreds of problems. 

Ayr Advertiser:

Water has been seeping into the once grand B-listed building – scarring the walls with damp and mould.  Photographs show wallpaper peeling off walls and floors covered in filth. 

A bathroom  littered with pigeon or rat droppings is pictured. Outside many pieces of the sandstone are crumbling and walls are stained green. Missing tiles have left gaps in the roof. 

The fabric of the roof and perimeter walls are in “poor” or “very poor condition” in the the south section of the hotel but “reasonable” in the north according to the report.

South Ayrshire Council commissioned the 203 page report, which was carried out by Mott MacDonald. Another report is due at the end of the month – listing costs, a conclusion and any recommendations to  make it safe. 

The 1885 French Renaissance style building closed for business in 2013. South Ayrshire Council served two dangerous buildings notices on the owner in July 2013 and April last year.  

Ayr Advertiser:

It is understood the owner is businessman Eng Huat Ung. Scaffold contractor CPMS was hired as part of safety works after  ScotRail staff were forced to abandon the building. 

A stone column – known as a pilaster – flew off but luckily no-one was around when it happened. 

Another contractor Zenith removed loose components from the building, which were in danger of toppling off or being blown away. 

The crews also pulled out weeds sprouting from stone. The hotel has been covered over to keep water out. 

The  report pointed out: “The absence of maintenance measures has allowed wind action and rain water ingress to cause the deterioration of key external and internal structure, impacting on short, medium- and long-term public safety.”

The council released the Structural Condition Factual Report on social media.

It said in a comment: “We have received the factual structural condition report from the consultants for the privately owned building adjacent to Ayr Train Station. “

The report is based on the condition of the building and highlights areas of defect.

"A full report will be issued to the council around the end of September, detailing remedial action and anticipated costs.”