BILL Grant's time serving Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock will come to an end after he announced he will not contest the next General Election. 

The MP who has been on office for two and a half years has taken the decision to stand down if there is another vote, following Brexit. 

The 68-year-old Tory member sent his resignation on Tuesday in a letter to chairman of South Ayrshire Conservatives and Unionists. 

Mr Grant said: "This has been a difficult decision to take. I have served my country in some form of public service for fifty-three years, and to leave that service now when the country is facing such an enormous challenge has been difficult to consider.

"However, I have always maintained that I intended to serve one term only, albeit in this case it looks to be only two-and-a-half years rather than the anticipated five.

"I have felt immensely proud and privileged to serve the constituency.

"I wish to thank all my constituents who supported me in 2017 and those who have in recent weeks indicated that they would support me in the forthcoming election, including a number of those who are not traditionally Conservative voters. To these people who had faith in me, a heartfelt thank you.

"I have throughout my time in office endeavoured to put my constituents first and serve them to the best of my abilities. Constituents who granted me the privilege of learning about their lives and businesses or to participate in their local events.

"I wish whoever they choose to elect the best of luck and hope they will serve my former constituents well. I certainly intend to remain involved locally, even if it is just to go back to the litter-picking!

"In closing, I wish to thank my constituency and parliamentary staff for their hard work, loyalty and dedication.

"They have been unwavering in their support for me and my constituents. I reflect on a line from Burns given to the Dumfriesshire Volunteers – “ne’er forget the people!”.

Well, I certainly never will."