A WOMAN who was beaten so badly by her violent ex she had to have metal plates to rebuild her face, has spoken of her relief after he was jailed for almost five years.

Lynn McCormack was punched, kicked, beaten, tortured and held against her will by sick brute Florentin Ilie during a three-day torture campaign which left her permanently disfigured.

Now, as she tries to rebuild her life, brave Lynn, from Ayr, has spoken of her relief after sick Ilie, 45, was jailed for 54 months.

She said: “What he done to me was just horrific. He is an animal. I have been left with plates in my jaw, cheekbone, teeth and the whole right hand side of my face is numb and I had to have more than 30 stitches. I have had to leave the home that I loved because of him. My whole life has been ruined. I’m glad he is locked up and can’t do it to anyone else.”

Lynn, 42, was introduced to Ilie, who is from Romania, by a friend and says, like most abusers, he was likable in the beginning, but it wasn’t long before he showed his true colours.

She said: “I met him through a friend. He was nice at first but then became really jealous. It was like an obsession.”

But vicious Ilie was to show Lynn just how vile he could be, one night at her former home in Church Court in Ayr, in January this year.

Lynn said: “We were in the house one night and he just flipped. He punched me and knocked me out. He held me in the house for two nights and three days. He locked me in a room with a tub of Savlon.

“When I came to he wouldn’t let me leave and he beat me another twice. I was in agony and just wanted to leave.

“Luckily my family were concerned because they hadn’t heard from me and my neighbours had raised the alarm because they had heard him attacking me.

“My parents called the police and they finally came to the house and he was arrested and I was taken to hospital.

“The doctors said they thought, by the state of my injuries he had continued hitting me even when I was unconscious.”

Despite the charges and the overwhelming evidence against him coward Ilie refused to admit what he had done and took the case to trial at Ayr Sheriff Court last month.

He was found guilty of the brutal assaults on Lynn and the Sheriff jailed him for 54 months telling him “Your attitude to women is vile”.

But unrepentant Ilie continued to deny the charges and refused to show remorse, even claiming to the court he could not speak English, employing the services of an interpreter.

Lynn said: “He is saying that it never happened and that he can’t speak English but that’s a lie. He has been here for years and can speak perfect English. He will never admit what he’s done and that’s what makes him so dangerous. He doesn’t think he has done wrong.

“I have been left with all these scars and my face will never be the same again, but now he is locked up I know I am free of him. “