A MAYBOLE man has been ordered not to go near his ex-wife despite living across the street from her.

Robert Jackson of Drumellan Street ended up in a struggle with the woman after marching up to her house drunk.

The 58-year-old threatened her and his current partner had to step in to break them up, Fiscal Depute Laurin Campbell explained to the court.

“On April 22 the complainer was in her home address when she heard a knock at the door. It was the accused who is her ex-partner. They have been separated for six years.

“The complainer invited the accused and witness into her house. He was under the influence of alcohol and slurring his words and unsteady on his feet.”

Jackson told his ex: “I’m going to do something I haven’t done for a while” before being ordered to leave the house.

“He came back with his arms out and then the witness dialled 999”, Ms Campbell added.

“He grabbed her right hand and began to struggle with her. The witness went between them. The accused was arrested.”

Jackson’s solicitor Tony Currie told the court: “The dispute was of an issue with his partner and an issue with his ex-partner in a domestic matter.

“It’s not any coincidence that that marriage has been over for a considerable period of time.

“Mr Jackson and his partner lived across the street from each other. They’ve been in and out of each others’ homes with no problems.”

However, Mr Currie advised restraining his client’s contact with his ex could be difficult as they live so close.

Sheriff Liam Murphy imposed a 24-month Community Payback Order and ordered Jackson not to approach his ex-wife or enter her house.