A MAN injured his mum in a row over keys when he returned home drunk.

Jamie Hillhouse of Whitefaulds Avenue, Maybole, slammed his bedroom door on the 66-year-old woman which struck her arm. This caused her to call the police on her son, but he was passed out by the time they arrived.

The 27-year-old then struggled aggressively with officers who tried to remove him from his room. In doing so, they found cannabis.

Fiscal Depute Laurin Campbell said Hillhouse had been out at a pub quiz on April 8 this year. She told Ayr Sheriff Court: “He returned to the home he currently shares with his mother, at which time he was heavily under the influence of alcohol and was acting in an agitated manner. She asked him to calm down. The accused then made his way to bedroom and began to throw items around.

“The complainer took keys and locked the front door. She entered the accused’s bedroom and asked to pass the keys over. He began shouting and swearing. He passed the keys over, and as the complainer left the bedroom, the accused pushed the door closed with such force that it struck her causing swelling and bruising to her arm.

“At around 2.30am, police woke the accused. While doing so they found a bag of green herbal material. They seized the bag and the accused was cautioned.”

Two officers tried to get Hillhouse dressed by handing him trousers and shoes but he lashed out kicked the shoes at one of the cops.

When leaving the bedroom, he began to pull away from the officers saying ‘get your hands off me’. Police struggled to move him out bedroom and he put his hands and feet on side of stairs to prevent police from moving him.

Sheriff Liam Murphy described the 27-year-old’s behaviour as “appalling” and placed him on a Community Payback Order for 12 months: “Your behaviour on this particular night was appalling and it’s understandable the stress of your mother would have felt as a result of your behaviour.”

His lawyer Ian Gillies explained how his mother holds no bad feelings over the incident: “He has attended my office on a number of occasions to discuss this matter with his mother. His mother holds no ill will whatsoever.

“He had a row with his mother, caused her some injury which he very, very much regrets and is remorseful about.”