TOXIC palm oil has been washed up on a South Ayrshire beach again leaving a dog owner fearing for their pets health.

The diesel smelling substance, which can be lethal to dogs, was left scattered along the shore front at Prestwick again.

A warning message was shared on social media by Positive Prestwick after the alarm was raised by a concerned dog walker who rushed her four legged friend to the vet, after they were scared their dog had licked some of the palm oil.

The warning said: “This has been sent into us this morning. Palm oil is on the beach and there appears to be quite a lot.

“Please be careful when out walking your dog. If you think your dog has eaten any please contact your vets.”

The Ayr Advertiser told how in July at least five dogs had to receive medical treatment after another spate of palm oil hit the coastline.

South Ayrshire Council have said they aware of palm oil and will work to get rid of it with a spokesperson saying: “We are aware that Palm Oil has been washing up at different locations and we are removing it.”