AYR nursing students have made heartfelt promises to “make a difference’” to present and future dementia patients on a specially designed pledge tree.

Individual messages from aspiring mental health nurses hang on the tree at the main reception area of the UWS campus.

Designed by former digital art student, Michelle Logan, it pays tribute to the 7,500 people in Ayrshire who are living with with the trunk representing the person experiencing dementia with the branches representing the support they receive.

Messages left from students include personal sentiments and a promise to treat patients with ‘dignity and respect’.

The tree ties in with yearly inspiring talks given to students by Tommy Whitelaw, head of Alliance health and social care who asks students to write a pledge.

Lecturer Alison Toner, decided on creating a visual display for the touching pledges to be showcased.

She told the Advertiser: “When Tommy visited us in 2017 I pledged that I would get us a pledge tree. We managed to get it set up the following year thanks to Michelle and Susan Holland of Alzheimers Scotland.”

“I think it’s really important, we’ve got an ageing population and this is about students making a promise of how they will support patients.

“It’s about having those inherent values as a nurse. When you walk into the university everyone can see it and its a reminder of a the pledge each student has made.

Nursing graduate, Gill Geoghan said: “It’s a pledge to our patients present and future on how we’re going to give them highest standard of care possible.

“It shows compassion to so many local people who are living with Dementia and as a student, its very motivating.”