PLANS for proposed off road parking charges have been brought to a halt as road chiefs now await feedback from Councillors.

At a meeting last week between Ayrshire Roads Alliance and South Ayrshire Councillors took the decision to go back to the “drawing board” after months of uncertainty around the plans.

It follows on from the parking proposals being rejected by South Ayrshire Council’s Regulatory Panel back in June, which delayed charges being implemented.

Now Councillors are to review the plans further ahead of a Leadership Panel meeting over the next few months, where the plans will come under further scrutiny, before a decision is made.

The information session held on Monday, August 26 raised various concerns over the parking strategy.

Councillor Ian Cavana, who attended the meeting told the Advertiser: “ We are going to have to go through it all again.

“We have been this for two years now. It does feel like its one step forward and then one back all the time so we have to go under review again.

“We will have a meeting very shortly on this, but its back to the drawing board to see where we’re going. We are still waiting on updates.”

It’s understood that issues have arisen with Ayrshire Roads Alliance’s strategy with Prestwick residents requesting they are exempt from parking charges, and Ayr’s New Road and Tam’s Brig car park also requesting that they are exempt.

Last week the Advertiser told how Tam’s Brig GP surgery was concerned over the impact the charges could have on their staff with Cllr Cavana also highlighting the GP’s concerns.

He added: “It was mentioned that Prestwick are trying to get dispensation, but we can’t give them it and don’t give it to Tam’s Brig.

“Everyone has to be treated the same, it has to be fair. They are talking about £5 per day at Tam’s Brig, where else where it could be £3, its got to be the same for everybody.”

A spokesperson from South Ayrshire Council said: “Ayrshire Roads Alliance will carry out a further review of parking in Ayr and return in the Autumn with proposals as part of a Parking Strategy.”