AN AYR secondary school pupil spent his summer holidays in India by volunteering to help less fortunate children.

Deni Welsh, 15, was part of a group of 30 youths UK schools who were chosen to travel to Asia by the charity WE to help build a school and dig fresh water wells.

After being inspired by a visit from the charity during a Modern Studies class, Deni decided to apply and was chosen out of a list of 300 applicants for the trip.

The Ayr Academy pupil now in S4 told the Ayr Advertiser how the whole experience has opened his eyes to the struggles other countries face.

He said: “I got a sense of perspective. There is a wee touch of poverty in Ayr but it’s a completely different level in India.

“We got to experience a ‘water walk’ where people have to walk for a mile to get to a well that is full of rainwater and is 100 years old.

“They carry the water back on their heads and sometimes make the trip four times a day.

“ There is a big issue over there with wells and water pumps drying up due to climate change.”

Deni spent two and a half weeks in India, after taking on a three day journey travelling from Scotland to Delhi then to Jaipur before a further two hour bus journey to a campsite.

He added: “We helped to demolish part of an old school which was built in 1959, some teams are helping to knock the old school down and others are helping to build new classrooms.”

“We met some of the pupils as well, a lot of them speak really good English. They have to walk 8km just to get to school.

“We visited a woman’s house and she showed us her daily life. Her house was just over one room which is her bedroom, living room, kitchen, toilet. They rub cows’ poo on their house to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer, they don’t waste anything.”

Deni is hoping to help the charity out further by raising money for them to help out with their school project.

He set up a Justgiving page which can be found here