KINGCASE primary pupils were thrilled to come back from the summer holiday last week to find a brand new play area.

The children arrived back to their school to find new climbing frames in place after they had drawn up plans of their dream play area.

It marked the completion of a project by the Kingcase family partnership, which asked the kids what they would like to see in their playground.

And the kids answered and sketched out their vision.

Now that vision is a reality and primary pupils of all ages love their new addition to the school.

The new equipment comes after a successful year of active fundraisers which allowed the school to invest thousands in the new play space.

George Burns, vice chairman of the Kingcase family partnership told the Ayr Advertiser of his delight now the project is completed.

He said: “Seeing the project completed is really exciting. It adds to the whole ambiance of the school. It’s great to see that the kids are benefitting from it. They are delighted.”