A SYRINGE was found on a packed beach last week as children enjoyed the sunshine with their families.

The discarded drug paraphernalia was discovered by a concerned parent who was out with her family at Barassie Beach on Sunday.

Laura McKellar took action and picked the syringe up which had no needle attached.

The worried mum then placed the device in a bag and alerted the council.

Laura told the Advertiser: “It was found at the area of the car park opposite the Barassie chip shop, just past the grass mount on the edge of the sand.

“It is worrying for any individual to find never mind being a parent.”

Laura placed the discarded syringe in a bag and alerted the council.

South Ayrshire Council have confirmed they received a report.

A spokesperson for SAC told the Advertiser: “We had a report that a syringe without a needle was found in a plastic bag on Barassie Beach over the weekend.

“The caller wanted to make us aware that they had put the syringe in a nearby bin.

“We don’t recommend the public pick up syringes even those without needles, it’s always safer to contact the council on 0300 123 0900 so we can arrange for safe disposal.”