A MOVING tribute to war veterans was held in Girvan last week as more bootprints were laid to honour those who went to fight in Europe in the First World War but never returned.

The ceremony took place at the McKechnie Institute which was once the place where young soldiers would have enlisted to fight for the army.

Girvan and District Great War Project arranged the tribute to commemorate 470 men who left for the First World war, but also to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the D-DAY landing.

It comes after they laid bootprints at Girvan Train Station last month in another “moving” ceremony.

Couple Ritchie and Lorna Conaghan arranged the ceremony on Saturday, August 17 as people gathered to place pairs of boot silhouettes down.

Also in attendance were local Councillors and veterans who paid their respects.

Ritchie told the Herald: “It was a really good day, it turned out really well. For once it was good to be indoors as we had torrential rain outside.

“It was important to do it there as that was the recruitment office for young men who signed up to go and fight in the First World War.

“There was a strong reaction from the last one at the station. Some people had gotten quite emotional after seeing the one at the station and decided to come today, people were really moved by it.

“These bootprints are also protected against the elements, they will be internal and are expected to last some time.

“There were some lovely personal moments. Jeanne McIngley came and laid some pairs down for her ancestors, her great uncles from Ballantrae.

“It was a chance for people to reflect and remember loved ones.”

The Girvan and District War Project now plan to host an exhibition at the McKechnie Institute that will run from September to December.