TWO months ago I undertook on an exercise to get fit and lose weight.

I was introduced to Brian Milligan at the Fit Pit gym by my friend, Pastor Richard Woods, who had lost a couple of stone from being in his classes.

At first I was introduced gently to some exercises featuring the rower, medicine ball and weights and in time those would be stepped up.

In the last couple of weeks I have been drawn into doing some gruelling circuits, alongside the likes of friends Mark Sugden, a former colleague and Irvine Vics boss Brian McLuckie.

And Brian certainly is working me. Admittedly for now my exercises look slightly less demanding than some of the others.

However, I still have quite a rigorus routine which involves chest presses, rower, bike, squats, slamming down the ball, weights, step ups all in a loop of say 10 exercises for each one.  I try and do around seven or eight sets of the circuit.

My main goal was to lose weight and feel better about myself and so far I have lost 6.5lbs and that was in three weeks. However I know I must continue and  try to keep losing more weight.