AN EARLY year centre in Prestwick has received an ‘Excellent’ evaluation from the Care Inspectorate following a recent inspection.

Kingcase Early Years Centre was commended for their “high-quality performance across a wide range of activities”, as they earned rave reviews in key areas.

The inspectors looked at the quality of care and support on offer from the centre.

The review had found strengths in areas such as the management and staff recognising the importance of working in partnership with parents.

It noted that the relationship with parents was “excellent” which ensured a positive outcome for children and met their needs.

Staff were praised for being “warm, kind and compassionate in their approach, providing comfort, reassurance” and support at the appropriate times.

It also noted a promotion of healthy lifestyles within the centre through a wide range of activities.

As part of review the inspectorate asked parents what they thought of the service offered with the positive feedback giving ‘high praise’ for the centre.

One parent said: “Kingcase early years is a fantastic nursery with fabulous teachers.

“I feel my child has come on leaps and bounds.”

Whilst another parent praised the excellent outdoor space at the centre.

Councillor William Grant, said: “I am delighted with this report, it’s clear that there is a strong bond between parents, children and staff which complements the learning environment.

“Staff at the centre go out their way to ensure the children feel valued and listened to which is great for their personal development.

“I am sure all the hard work will continue and the ‘excellent’ standard will be maintained.”