Nightclubs got the green light to open until 3.30am for top DJ appearances in Ayr despite some councillors doubting if the sets are important enough.

Madisons will host the “HWFG” Club Tour – featuring five DJs  on August 31. On the same night DJs will also get behind the decks at Vinyl  for the BCM World Tour.

Madisons applied to the council for late closing to make sure all the DJs get time to spin tunes during the August date. The Carrick Street venue also wants extra opening hours for Halloween and the Ayr Gold Cup.

All requests were approved but not without wary hesitation. 

Speaking at the South Ayrshire Council Licensing Board meeting, Councillor Bob Pollock said: “I find it difficult to keep approving these. It is easy to see Halloween and the Gold Cup as significant events. But I struggle to see DJs as significant events.”

Vinyl’s push for later hours was also granted by the licensing board on Thursday (August 15) but faced reluctance from some politicians as well. 

The Arthur Street night spot will host the event from famous Magaluf night club BCM Planet Dance. 

Voicing his lack of enthusiasm for the gig, Cllr Andy Campbell said: “I am not sure how special it is.”

Licensing Board chair Councillor Craig Mackay said: “It is difficult for us who don’t attend.”

But councillor Laura-Brennan Whitefield came to the rescue with some first-hand experience.

Explaining to the board she had been to the large Majorca dance spot, she said: “It is a huge destination for clubbers.

She added: “I was there about 12 years ago.”

The Majorca club holds 3,000 and closes at 6am. 

The South Ayrshire Council Licensing Board is considering changing the way it grants extended opening hours.