A WOMAN is afraid to walk down her own street after a terrifying encounter with an aggressive dog and its owner.

Mandy Kane, 44, has claimed she had to grab her mum’s dog out of harm’s way to avoid it being mauled by a vicious Staffie whose owner then threatened her.

The incident took place last week on Logan Drive, Troon as she was taking her mum’s 12-year-old dog Teddy out.

Mandy told the Advertiser how out of nowhere another dog raced across the road to start “chomping” at vulnerable Teddy.

And she had to lift Teddy, who also suffers from a heart condition, before the other relentless dog hurt him.

She said: “We were taking him down hosiery park way. I had left my house along Logan Drive, we were just walking at snail pace.

“I did not pay much attention, but next thing I know this dog has ran across the road, dodging cars that were going down the street and has started to attack Teddy.

“It was terrifying, it was full on teeth showing and chomping at Teddy so I scooped him up, it still kept going it jumped up towards me. I could have been bitten.”

A furious Mandy then approached the owner of the dog after he had called it back over and challenged him for having the out of control animal off its leash.

Mandy claims she feared the owner was going to hit her and he threatened to get a “team from Maryhill down” to cause her harm.

She added: “I thought this guy was going to hit me, he was really aggressive to me.

“I told him that his dog came out of nowhere and that Teddy has a heart condition, it could have killed my mum’s dog, but he didn’t care and he threatened me.

“I’m really worried now for others on the street if there is a dog like this going about.

“There’s kids playing on that street, there’s a really old woman in her 80s who has an old dog, what chance would she have against the two of them?”

Mandy checked Teddy over to make sure there were no concerning injuries.

She was looking after the dog whilst her mum and sister were on holiday to Spain.

The incident has been reported to the police who are carrying out enquiries.