A DISABLED Ayr man says the horrifying stench of rubbish stored in a unit next to his flat makes him physically sick every day.

Colin McDonald suffers from health issues and rarely gets out, but his home has become a trap of flies and an unescapable foul smell that leaves him feeling nauseous.

The flats in Blackfriars Walk near the town centre are council owned but Colin says neighbours have failed to empty their bins for almost half a year.

And Colin told the Ayr Advertiser how the piles of rubbish have built up without any action from residents or the council, leading to a constant headache from the smell.

He said: “My mobility is very slow. I’m trapped here I have to deal with this every day. It doesn’t matter if I spray air fresheners, I’ve tried it all. If it’s a hot day it just gets worse.

“My health has gotten worse because of it, its what I am breathing in all the time. I’ve been physically sick the past three days because of it.”

Horrifying pictures show how the storage unit, once a flat, spread over several rooms, is infested with vermin.

In one room, the wheelie bins are packed full of black bin bags gathered around them, and dead flies are trapped in spider webs that line the corners of each wall, as huge disease carrying blue bottles and smaller flies buzz around the waste.

Colin is concerned that the situation could get even worse, he added: “I’m really worried that rats are going to come into my flat now, the flat is full of flies, its horrendous.”

A friend of Colin’s who helps look after him, claims shameless neighbours are to blame.

And the concerned pal is worried the mess is also putting everyone at risk.

She said: “It’s a health hazard and a fire hazard. I have said to the council, but they have not done anything.”

“The bin men go into the room to empty Colin’s bins, they have seen it and have done nothing.”

South Ayrshire Council have instructed a clean up of the bin storage at Blackfriars walk.

A SAC spokesperson told the Advertiser: “Tenants and private home owners are responsible for their own waste disposal using the bins provided by the Council. They are required to put their bins out for collection at the kerbside. If residents are unable to put their bins out, the Council has an assisted collection service.

“We are aware of the issues at Blackfriars Walk in Ayr where some residents may not be putting their bins out for collection which leads to the build-up of rubbish.

“We have cleaned out the bin stores on several occasions and are set to do so again. We are looking at long term solutions and are reminding residents of their responsibilities.”