THE OLD bingo hall in Girvan has been branded the “pigeon loft of Ayrshire” after another resident hit out at the crumbled building.

Gus Kilgour is so close to the former cinema on Dalrymple Street, he could walk on its roof as his flat and business sit adjoined to the ruin.

And the pensioner lives in fear of opening up his window with huge swarms of flies gathering round the decayed structure.

Like many of his fellow neighbours, Gus is desperate to sell up and move as he plans to escape to a dream retirement home Spain. But he has become so tired off potential buyers walking away that he has been forced to put his property up for auction.

He has told the Ayr Advertiser how he spends time every day cleaning up the stairs to his flat which is covered in pigeon droppings and muck falling from the roof’s gutter.

Gus said: “The gutters are running right over the top, it’s dangerous.

“I have to clean them down every single day.

“I’ve been trying to sell the property for the last three years, but anyone who comes to view it just takes one look at the building next door.

“Who would want to live next to that?”

Gus’ calls for action have fallen on deaf ears despite his attempt to reveal the horrors over two years ago.

The fed-up neighbour feels like giving up after a 10-year battle which includes having to deal with two large rats in his home, with one found on his kitchen counter one day nibbling on food off of a plate.

The Ayr Advertiser previously told how Gus’ neighbour Campbell had entered the building to reveal scores of dead pigeons and a local builder was concerned the building could collapse.

Gus has also expressed concern over the amount of pigeons in the building and says he is woken up every day by the noise of hundreds of pigeons.

He added: “Inside there must be about four inches of pigeon mess, you have never seen anything like it.

“In the morning I don’t need an alarm clock, 5am every day you can hear them and they just wake you up.

Gus also claimed that despite assurances from South Ayrshire Council, the building is still not safe and rubble still continues to fall onto the lane below.

The Ayr Advertiser contacted SAC, who maintained that an engineer’s structural report of the building has deemed it safe.

A spokesperson for South Ayrshire Council said: “Building Standards carried out an inspection of the former Bingo Hall, No 8/9 Dalrymple Street, Girvan.

“It is not currently in a dangerous condition, however there are areas of the building that may require further action to be taken by the owner.”