GLASGOW Prestwick Airport has come under fire after hundreds of passenger’s cars were left damaged beyond repair due to flooding.

Car park three at the airport was washed out after a burn next to the site which can hold 700 cars burst its banks due to heavy rainfall on Sunday.

One passenger says they were told by a member of airport staff that 300 cars damaged by flood water and the vehicles lay submerged in water for eight hours, as staff scrambled to control the flooding.

Katherine Kennedy had arrived back from Tenerife with her husband on Monday afternoon to find that her car was a write off with water clogging the engine.

She had been directed to the car park by airport staff who took passengers aside to advise them.

Once there, Katherine says a car park attendant claimed that the airport was “caught unaware” by the heavy rainfall.

And the couple from Cumbernauld were told by a member of airport staff the true extent of the damage caused.

Katherine said: “This was a nightmare end to the holiday, and its surreal it really is. I was in floods of tears yesterday. It’s not until things start to sink in that you realise the implications and the inconvenience that this has caused.

The duty manager told us to our faces, that 300 cars were affected, bit by bit people are coming off flights to this devastation.”

Airport staff ensured that passengers got home, with Katherine and her husband given a paid taxi at the cost of £102 back home.

But Katherine feels more must be done and feels passengers have been “left in the lurch” over what happens next.

She added: “The airport were really helpful in getting us home, but that’s where it ends.

“Somebody has to be accountable. They have taken no responsibility. They are playing this down. We’re victims being victimised.”

Katherine has vowed to never fly out of Prestwick Airport again after the ordeal.

And she has been left baffled as to why she wasn’t contacted by the airport to advise her of the flooding as she could have tried to make arrangements for someone to rescue her car.

She added: “The parking attendant told us that Fire services and Scottish Water was on site, but they did not have anywhere to pump the water too. They called in tankers from Kilmarnock the tankers did not get there 10pm on Sunday night. Those cars lay submerged for 8 hours.”

Glasgow Prestwick Airport have denied that 300 cars were impacted, with that figure closer to 70.

A spokesperson for A spokesman for Glasgow Prestwick Airport said: “Due to the extremely high levels of rainfall experienced over the weekend, an area within car park 3 experienced flooding which unfortunately impacted a number of vehicles parked in that area.

“Our staff took immediate action to combat the flooding by deploying sandbags and vehicle-mounted pumps to reduce water levels.

“As a result, the majority of vehicles are unaffected by the flooding.

“Unfortunately however, despite our best efforts water damage was caused to some vehicles parked in that area of car park 3.

“We are committed to helping those customers affected and will assist them with the necessary transport arrangements to enable them to complete their journey home.”