TWO pensioners are still waiting to hear from South Ayrshire Council over a row on flags in their back garden.

Neighbours Duncan James, 74, and Joe Stirling, 71 were told their Rangers supporting flags could incite anti-social behaviour and vandalism at their sheltered housing accommodation in Troon and were ordered to take them down by the council.

Since the Ayr Advertiser series first published the story last month, it’s alleged further complaints were made as the flags reappeared.

Now, Duncan’s son Colin is getting involved and hopes to meet with council officials this week to straighten out the quarrel.

Colin said: “I’m my dad’s next-of-kin. Everything to do with him goes through me. And there’s not one person who came to me to ask to have a meeting with him and Joe.

"No one has asked to come and discuss it, they’re basically just dictating what’s to happen. The council said they’ve tried to organise a meeting but they haven’t, otherwise I would be there.

"They’ve only had that one letter they originally sent to take the flags down.”

Colin explained how council wardens first visited the complex regarding the flags, at which point Joe was displaying a Scotland flag from his house.

They were told to remove them and a letter followed asking the same as it could cause offence. A council representative attended again once the flags reappeared.

Colin added: “They had the flags at their houses because the papers were coming round and within half an hour the warden was at the door again.

"I’m going down this week and I want to get to the bottom of it all, and ask that the warden speaks with me.”

A South Ayrshire Council Spokesperson said were still hopeful a meeting could take place to resolve the issue. They commented: “The offer of a meeting remains open.”