A CAR park at Prestwick Airport was washed out last week as more flooding misery hit South Ayrshire.

Car Park 3 was looking like a pond after heavy rainfall continued to hammer Prestwick and Ayr.

Airport staff contacted Scottish Water who assisted to deal with the incident which affected up to 10 cars which had water “ingress”.

Pictures which emerged show the long stay car park to flooded with water covering tyres on cars.

A spokesperson for Prestwick Airport told the Ayr Advertiser:”There was a small flood over the weekend but we managed to contain most of it. There was up to 10 cars that had water ingress.

“The water board came out and they responded immediately, and we managed to contain it until it subsided.

“There was just too much rain fall over the weekend, we’ve had issues before which were rectified but this was just down to the sheer volume of water.”

Flooding hit areas of Prestwick town and water levels at the River Ayr were visibly high as residents shared their concern online.The heavy downpours also affected roads near Tarbolton.