A LOCAL vet has warned dog owners of watch out for jellyfish after two dogs were stung today. 

Collier and Brock Veterinary Surgeries issued an online appeal following two dogs falling ill due to being stung by jellyfish at Troon beach. 

They have asked for owners to look out for symptoms such as vomiting, excessive drooling and licking the affected area. 

The vet also advised on how to remove the tentacles off an affected dog and to treat the sting with sea water, over fresh water. 

A statement on their Facebook read: 

‼️Jellyfish on Troon beach‼️‼️

Our Troon surgery has seen 2 dogs so far this afternoon after being stung by jellyfish.

Signs of jellyfish stings in dogs
-Excessive drooling
-Licking affected area
-Difficulty breathing
-Quiet and lethargic

If your dog is stung by a jellyfish you can pull the remaining tentacles off with a stick or towel but never rub them and be careful not to touch them with your hands. Never rub the injured area on your dog with sand and always clean it with sea water rather than fresh water.

If your pet is stung by a Jellyfish please contact us straight away!