LOCH DOON residents have called for an SOS phone to be put in place as it could have brought help to tragic Brandon Patton quicker.

Brian Meechan, who runs the Roundhouse Cafe and osprey watching spot , is looking for an emergency SOS phone to be put in place.

The cafe owne r told how terrified pals of Brandon rushed to his premises to try and get a phone signal but were unable to make calls. Now Brian is calling for an SOS phone that will link up to emergency services in case tragedy is to strike again .

He told the Ayr Advertiser “There’s no mobile signal here an d any signal you do have is intermittent.

“An SOS phone would be a great thing, becaus e in an emergenc y th e last yo u want is not bein g able to contact th e services wh o can help you.”

The Ayr Advertiser told how life saving throw lines were placed by EAC near to where Brandon drowned.

Councillor Drew Philson who arranged the throw lines has spoken with owners of the loch , energy company Drax, to try and work out the best place to install an SOS phone.

Cllr Philson said : “We are looking to locate this next to the dam, there is a phone line there. We’ve done as much as we can to make the loch a safer place. That was a big thing at the time, because of where they were round the other side there was no mobile signal there.

“It was quite a bit of time before they got round the loch and back to Brian’s cafe.

“It will be good for anything else that is happening down at Loch Doon. Just not that long ago we had a big wildfire as well , there was miles of forest that went on fire.”

Drax said this week they were happy to have phone lines placed on their land .

A Drax spokesperson said : “Our team at Galloway Hydros has been working with the police , local authorities, land - owners , businesses and key stakeholders for over a decade to ensure the Loch Doon area is a safe place for people to enjoy.

“We help fund a ranger who regularly patrols the area and we invest in educational tours for more than 500 schoolchildren each year , where they learn about water safety.”