MINDLESS vandals have daubed graffiti all over Troon town centre.

And this week people have rallied round to condemn the behaviour of those responsible.

A bus stop in Dundonald Road and an electrical box at the corner of Logan Drive have been targeted, along with a sign on the Ayr side of the station.

Councillor Philip Saxton has hit out at the vandals and hopes they are brought to justice.”

He said: “To be fair graffiti isn’t something we’re bothered with in Troon.

“But we can’t have behaviour like that, it’s just unacceptable.

“All I would say is that anyone who knows anything about this, or was involved in it should get in touch with the police.

“We have CCTV which will hopefully help us find out who the culprits were.”

Residents across the area have also been quick to condemn the actions of the vandals.

Nick James O’D onoghue commented: “What to do with them when they get caught is give them 200 hours community service. And they can only do it at the weekends when they are off school. Make them clean graffiti and the beach.

When folk see this happening the problem will be eradicated.

“Oh and make them wear bright pink bibs.”

Jemma Wilson said: “I don’t think it’s funny.

“I noticed the station sign has been done as well. It’s so sad when all the flower beds etc round about are looking so nice and now area ruined by graffiti.”

Added Pamela Rudge: “Surely someone must know who they are.


Hannah Ty Donohoe said: “Hate that some people just have absolutely no respect.

David Ellis said: “Hope the police catch them.”

Added Naomi Pollard: “Hopefully someone, if they are from Troon, might recognise the way the letters have been done.

“Why spoil things for the sake of it.

“I hope they get found out.”

Troon Community Council chairwoman Helen Duff described it as “disgusting behaviour”.