A NEWLY formed Ayr town action group tackled rubbish strewn across a busy town centre car park last week.

The Mill Wynd car park and garages, next to Ayr Central was looking worse for wear with plastic bottles and containers trapped in dead bushes.

Local business owner Owen Kerr and friend Maxine Allan decided to do something about it and made the council owned car park the first project of Town Action Group Ayr (TAG).

Owen said: “The two of us spent two days just tidying it up. We had a wee bit of help from a couple of others who stayed an hour or two.

“It was all plastic bottles and waste that had been trapped in dead bushes.

“There was a lot of loose vegetation and stuff, we had all the kit we needed, we had litter pickers and gloves we had all of that.”

Before and after pictures show the true extent of the clean-up with just the stumps of the bushes left, which Owen was told SAC will remove.

After a successful first project he is looking to tackle other areas of the town and hopes the plans will encourage more residents to take action.

Owen added: “I was born in Ayr, I’ve lived in Ayr all my life, like a lot of people it’s really disappointing that it’s got into the state it’s in.

“We have decided that the problem needs to be addressed, the idea is actions speak louder than words, we’re hoping as we go it will snowball.