AREAS of South Ayrshire were hit with more flash floods last week with many streets hammered with the heavy downpours.

On Saturday, streets in Ayr were battered and overflowing with water after storms hit the town.

Kincaidston Drive and Belmont Road were both affected as streets were blocked off.

A taxi was left stranded on Kincaidston Drive as local residents helped remove it from deep water which had consumed the road within minutes.

Councillor Chris Cullen told the Ayr Advertiser how he and other residents were out to help as water flooded the streets.

He said: “There was some issues of drains overflowing in certain streets across the Kincaidston and Belmont area.

“We helped a taxi which ended up stuck in water on Kindcaidston Drive with damage to its engine, we helped move it away from the water.

“Other roads seem to have cleared and thankfully there is no more rain forecast for tonight.

“On one road a bin had fallen over and it blocked a drain but we managed to clear it.”

In Dundonald there was more flooding chaos as the town was hit with further downpours.

A kind resident set up an online fundraising page as the Main Street was once again affected by quick downpours.

The Main Street was battered by the heavy downpour on both Sunday and Wednesday with high levels of water forcing some people out of their homes.

The page was set up by Dundonald resident Scott Brown who has urged people to help others out. A post on the funding page read: “Help locals who have been effected by the damage to their property by the floods by all donating just a little which will go a long way in getting them back on their feet.

“I live in the village and have seen first hand the effect to homes and cars. Also in some cases people having to move out of their homes for some time.”