A LOVING family want to create memories with a dream trip for their mum who is battling an aggressive cancer.

Jillian Boyle, 39, was diagnosed with stage 3b cervical cancer last year after her last pregnancy.

The mum of six suffered heavy bleeding, before being rushed to hospital for tests where an MRI scan confirmed the terrible news.

Despite fighting the disease with radiotherapy treatment, the mum of six was told the treatment had not worked and that she would require major surgery to remove the cancerous tumour.

Now her caring husband Mark is wanting to make special memories before the crucial operation which he has described as “debilitating”.

Mark told the Ayr Advertiser: “She has went through all her treatment.

“It looked as if it had worked initially, and that there was just swelling with the radiotherapy as its quite an invasive treatment.”

“But the tumour was still growing and they told us that if she doesn’t get an operation, she would only be here three to six months.

“This operation is going to be quite debilitating to her because they are going to take away her bowel.

“She will be left with the colostomy bag. They might have to take her bladder out as well because of the damage.”

A GoFundMe page was set up by family friend Michelle Thomson to help raise funds for the family to get away as neither Mark nir Jillian have been able to work.

Mark also requires surgery on four slipped discs on his back, but is putting it off until his wife has been treated.

He added: “We’ve got an appointment on August 13 but we still don’t know how long the recovery could be.

“I was in crutches as well until about June. I am due another operation but I won’t go for it until Jill has been fixed first.

“She wants to make up memory boxes with the kids. She wants to do that and just take them away.

“She’s got another three older kids, Ellie who is at University and Erin who is at college and Robbie who is 15.

“I’ve got two kids as well and she’s brilliant with them.

“Ideally we would like to get enough funding just to take them to Benidorm or down the bottom of England, anywhere really.

“We just want to try and get enough to take them all away and create a memory.

“We can go and buy them wee keepsakes for them if, God forbid, something happens.”