FOR a week in July Ayr St Columba Church Halls were transformed into a theatrical wonderland, complete with lights, curtains and a miniature stage and boxes!

This was the setting for Showstoppers Holiday Club where over 30 children explored the story of God’s big plan for us all.

It was wonderful to see so many children and have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas and Easter in the middle of July!

Every day those attending enjoyed a programme of songs, challenges (including messy challenges that saw leaders get covered in shaving foam and alphabetti spaghetti), games, snacks, while looking at the story that was the focus for each day.

By the end of the week a large number of our children could tell us the memory verse for each day.

This year we had an excellent team of various skills, talents and experience that meant that the kids were totally engaged and enthusiastic throughout the week. On the final day of the holiday club we celebrated together as we invited parents and younger and older siblings to join us for a BBQ and some Renaldo’s ice cream!

We cannot wait to see everyone again between 13-17 April for our Easter holiday club Mega Makers, looking at the gospel of Matthew in a world of invention and scientific experiment!

St Columba’s Kids also restarts on Sunday August 25 for all children from pre-school to p.7 for a mixture of songs, games, challenges, snack, stories and more every Sunday between 10-11am!