A DRUNKEN woman scared neighbours in a Troon street when she approached them with scissors.

Michelle Donnelly claims to have no recollection when she refused to leave her neighbour’s house on Bank Street on April 23 before returning with the offensive weapon.

The 39-year-old looked intoxicated as she staggered across the street before police were contacted, Depute Fiscal Ms Laurin Campbell told Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

Ms Campbell said: “At 6.30pm the accused attended at the door of her neighbour’s under the influence of alcohol.

“The accused was then attempting to enter continuously but the witness refused her entry and asked her to leave.

“The accused refused to leave and walked past the witness.”

Ms Campbell continued to describe how Donnelly caused alarm as she wouldn’t leave.

She added: “She tried to hug the witness and refused to leave when asked, then contacted police.

“She then turned away and went home, then returned with a pair of scissors in her hand. The witnesses then saw her from her home coming across the road at the time.

“She asked what she was doing with these scissors. The witness tried to remove scissors from her hands, and without any resistance, the witness managed to do so due to the intoxication of the accused and managed to remove them.

“The police later attend and later seized the pair of scissors.

“In respect to being cautioned and charged the accused made no reply.”

Sheriff John Montgomery added to this saying: “She can’t have been that intoxicated then if they cautioned and charged her.”

Donnelly was placed on a Community Payback Order for 12 months under supervision and ordered to attend alcohol counselling.

Her solicitor Mr Tony Currie told the court: “She has no recollection of events.”