A MAN has been locked up for repeatedly stabbing his girlfriend’s dog with a knife.

Sean McKay cruelly harmed the American Bulldog named Hooch on February 5 this year after getting into a row with his partner Melissa Johnstone and two others.

The 19-year-old will now spend two years in a Young Offenders Institution for his savage attack.

McKay was found unanimously guilty by jurors at a trial earlier this month for two charges that state he was behaving in a threatening and abusive manner to the three women by shouting and swearing before deliberately injuring the dog.

The incident took place at Chestnut Drive in Girvan. His second charge stated he caused a protected animal unnecessary suffering by repeatedly striking him on the body with a knife.

The thug’s solicitor Mr Paul Feeney discussed his case when he appeared for sentencing at Ayr Sheriff Court on Tuesday, July 23. He told the court McKay had been living with his aunt while on bail and would be welcome back there if released.

Mr Feeney said: “When not in custody he has resided with his aunt who is a responsible lady who works in a charity shop. He is welcome back at her house and she can provide a suitable address.”

“Mr McKay is considered suitable for a community based disposal”, Mr Feeney added.

“This is the second report in a short period where he has been deemed suitable for this but is not suitable for unpaid work due to health difficulties.”

Sentencing McKay, Sheriff John Montgomery ordered him to nine months detention in a Young Offenders Institution on one charge of threatening and abusive behaviour which included a period for committing the offence while on bail.

He was sentenced to a further 15 months for stabbing the dog which will run consecutive, keeping him detained for two years.