A MASSIVE spider was found in a garage in Dundonald just as it tucked into its lunch. 

The huge eight-legged creature was found by Derek Melville who was putting his bike back after a leisurely cycle when he stumbled across a tussle between the huge spider and a worm. 

Derek watched in horror as the spider wrapped its pinchers over the worm before snapping it in two. 

A video sent to the Ayr Advertiser shows the terrifying incident, which Derek descirbed as a "nightmare". 

Derek said: "I was just out from a cycle.

"I openened the garage door and could see it wrestling with the worm. 

"It was horrendous. 

"It had its pinchers round the worm and it cut if in half." 

"I saved the other half of the worm, which was still there wriggling about."

Derek was in no doubt that it was the biggest spider he's ever seen in Scotland, comparing it something you would normally find in Austrailia. 

When asked if he will try and deal with it, he joked: "It's too big to kill, it's like killing a small animal. I think I would need a baseball bat!"

"I will just leave it there. I don't want to get that close to it."