A CRAZED woman held a knife at her own throat before assaulting her ex-partner in a blood drawn-rammy.

Tylar Kinghorn of West Edith Street in Darvel went after the woman on her way home from the shops. She followed her home and grabbed a knife from her kitchen after a row broke out.

Kinghorn, 23, drew blood from her own neck while shouting at her ex on December 15 last year.

The pair had been in a brief relationship earlier in the year, fuelling Kinghorn’s attack as “she blamed the complainer for her life taking a downward spiral”, Ayr Sheriff Court heard on Tuesday, July 16.

Depute Fiscal Mr Scott Toal told the court: “The complainer and accused were in a relationship between December 2017 and April 2018, although this happened on December 15 last year.

“The complainer was returning home from the shop to her home address when she became aware of someone behind her. The accused followed her in here before she blamed complainer for her life taking a downward spiral.”

Mr Toal continued to tell the court how the row ensued and Kinghorn stormed away into the kitchen.

Mr Toal added: “She began rummaging through a drawer and came back with a knife.

“The accused took the knife and held it to her own throat.”

Kinghorn then turned on her ex and seized her by the neck. The brute repeatedly struck her head against a window and slapped her.

Her victim tried to call for help on her phone while Kinghorn was looking for the knife. A woman then appeared to intervene, Mr Toal continued: “She came in and seen her [Kinghorn] still holding the knife to her own throat and blood coming from her neck.”

Due to the amount of blood, an ambulance was phoned and all three women were treated.

Kinghorn’s solicitor Mr John Gallagher described the attack as “a harrowing incident” where his client was guilty of “extreme behaviour”.

The 23-year-old was placed on her fourth Community Payback Order as Sheriff Desmond Leslie admitted the court’s losing patience with her.

Sheriff Leslie told Kinghorn: “At some point you’ll need to turn the corner otherwise you’ll end up in jail. You’ve been subject to three Community Payback Orders. It comes to that the court is running out of options. I’m going to make you subject to your fourth order.”

Kinghorn will be supervised for 18 months and a non-harassment order to her victim was imposed.