COPS say they are finally making a connection with youths this summer following their trips to Troon Beach.

In the past few years there have been a whole host of incidents at the beach involving booze-fuelled youngsters which have seen possessions and property damaged with incidents of urinating in public also reported.

Fullarton Woods has also been reported as a troublespot.

However Troon Police confirmed at last Tuesday’s meeting of Troon Community Council that they seemed to be getting through to kids around the town.

Fewer incidents have been reported in Troon and the beach area has been noticeably quieter.

Sergeant Dean Barlas said: “Myself and my team have been doing our best to engage positively with the youngsters.

“We have been up the woods, down the beach, having a laugh and a carry on and it seems to be working.

“Some people of the opinion think we should be dispersing them but we want to genuinely engage with them.

“We are putting up with a bit of cheek from them and seem to be getting there. You will always have some people who won’t engage with you.”

Community council chairwoman Helen Duff supported the work being done by police around the community.

She said: “I believe a lot of these kids are crying out for help and it’s important to have contact with them.”

Troon Business Association chairwoman Maxine Togneri also firmly believes progress is being made with the youngsters.

She said: “I must complement the police on how they have handled the situation.

“The youths we have seen in town this summer have been no bother and perfectly pleasant to anyone who has come into contact with them.”