A DOG walker was left disgusted after finding trails of broken glass in a Girvan park.

Shannon Jane Anderson took her pet up to Victory Park last week but had to quickly call him back over fears he would cut himself.

The park was littered with smashed bottles with sharp shards of glass posing a risk. And Shannon wasn’t willing to take any risks this time as her dog, Loki’s paw was left cut on broken glass in the same park before.

She told the Carrick Herald how she is “sick” of “selfish idiots” putting animals at risk.

Shannon said: “I was out a walk with my dog when he was running off the lead chasing his ball and I noticed all the glass across the path at Victory Park.

“There’s been broken glass around the park before and I’ve had to take him to the vets as it’s cut his paw, so I’m getting pretty sick of it.

Shannon has vowed to stay away from the park until the issue is addressed once and for all. She was shocked to also find smashed bottles next to Girvan Primary School as well with a skip next to the school left open with rubbish sprawled over a grassy area.

“There was also smashed glass at Girvan Primary school. If it gets any worse, I’ll avoid that area, but everywhere in Girvan is pretty much the same now.

“It’s not just dogs that are at risk.

“The glass is right beside a play park. So, it’s quite possible if parents don’t see that, a kid could seriously hurt themselves.”

“It’s extremely annoying that Loki yet again almost ended up injured because of selfish idiots.”

Shannon posted pictures of the mess to a Girvan online page, with residents shocked at what they saw.

South Ayrshire Council have urged residents to be vigilant and report any sights of discarded glass.

A spokesperson for SAC told the Herald:“When we’re alerted by the public that there’s broken glass / litter in public places we will take action and we are in the process of tidying up the area.

“The Council deals with broken glass and litter on a daily basis, but we can’t be everywhere and given that broken glass is potentially dangerous, we are asking people to behave responsibly and dispose of their rubbish in litter bins or in their recycling bins at home.”