A TOUCHING tribute to war heroes was left at Girvan train station last week using boot prints.

Brave soldiers who left South Ayrshire to go and fight in World War 1 were honoured by the display which seen over 60 ‘boot prints’ placed on the grounds of the station.

The prints were ordered by Girvan and District Great War Project who decided to commemorate 470 men who left for the First World war, but also to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the D-DAY landing.

Couple Ritchie and Lorna Conaghan arranged the ceremony on Sunday, July 14 as people gathered to place pairs of boot silhouettes down.

Ritchie told the Ayr Advertiser: “It was a great day, and emotional too. We researched that 470 guys left the First World War from Girvan and surrounding area.

“These guys all left the train stations so we thought we would do something similar and do it at Girvan station.

“Trains were integral for all these guys leaving, that’s why we didn’t want to do something that was all regimental with them standing on the platform. Everyone would have been standing on the platform talking to their wives and family.

“We placed some boots together of brothers, you can imagine how nervous or scared they would have been. It’s almost like an art installation that doesn’t take up any space.”

The biodegradable foot prints were supplied by ‘There but not there’ with some visitors filling in loved ones names with sharpie pens.

Members of a local care home were in attendance with one elderly man placing down the boot prints for his friend.

Ritchie added: “The money that they raise goes towards helping veterans. They work with Help for Heroes and different charities.

“Hillcrest Old Folks home they all clubbed together and bought 20 pairs. There was a wee old guy there who was down for his friend who had went to the war and he remember, it was really quite touching.”

Girvan and District Great War Project and now plan to arrange a similar permanent display at The McKechnie Institute where hundreds of men would have enlisted for the army.